About IPB Steel Casting Co. İnc.


IPB Steel Casting Metal Machinery Industry and Trade Co. Inc., is a distinguished producer of high quality casted steel parts,in different varieties, primarily to be used, in the energy, cement, mining, crushing, construction, marine, steel and iron, and machinery production industries.

IPB Steel Casting Metal Machinery Industry and Trade Co. Inc., manufactures; low,medium and high alloy steels, high manganese steel(Hadfield Steel), stainless steel, Ni Hard, high aloyed white cast iron,grey cast iron and ductile cast iron between 1 kg to 6500 kg/net, with heat treatment. Products can be produced machined or un-machined based on consumer orders.

IPB Steel Casting Metal Machinery Industry and Trade Co. Inc., founded in 2006, in order to maximize customer satisfaction, continuously R&D studies, equipment pool, laboratory Instruments; while employing highly specialized staff to fully meet to customer neeeds. IPB Steel Casting Metal Machinery Industry and Trade Co. Inc., who strongly regards corporate development and personel training is a factory which produces products and intermediate products in world standards.


We shall maintain our leadership in domestic sectors and we shall make ''IPB Steel Casting Metal Machinery Industry and Trade Co. Inc. '' more popular internationally.



  • To meet our customers' all product and service expectations world class in line with our company's ability and capacity,
  • To increase our customer,employees and shareholders' saticfaction,
  • To accomplish our objectives in an environmentally-conscious manner and as harmonized with institution and people which we have a relationship with.
  • To be a continuous entrepreneur by taking importand roles for the development of our field of activities through our existing and new products.
  • To contribute to global developments in ''Steel Casting and Machine Industry'' and
  • To improve by integrating Research-Development, production, sales and engineering activities in'' Steel Casting and Machine Industry''.



  • To maintain the superiority of our product and service quality which we
  • believe to be the most effective factor in the long-term and continuous success of our company and customers.
  • To employ our technologic built-up at the highest level in order to be able to realize the vision and mission of our company
  • To maintain our team spirit,in order to research products to satisfy the changing and developing demands of our customers;and improve present products and services;
  • To work with the awareness that product quality and reliability is connected to human life, and the life and quality of materials;
  • To provide quality engineering services along with our products, in order to be a business solution partner to our customers